2、RHEL 7中,xfs将是缺省的文件系统,并可以作为启动分区

For RHEL 7, we’ve got multiple file systems. We’re looking at more improvements to btrfs — we’re doing a lot of testing with that. We’ll be supporting EXT 4, XFS and btrfs in addition to EXT2 and EXT3, but we’re looking to make XFS the new default for boot, for root and for user data predictions because it’s a better match for our enterprise customers than btrfs seems to be. [Btrfs] will certainly be supported, and you’ll be able to choose it if that’s you want, it’s just not going to be our default. …

3、6.5中,正式支持 open vswitch,并且加入用户空间的软件包(6.4只有内核模块,没有管理工具)。open vswitch对于openstack等虚拟化很重要。

4、支持 namespace(名字空间),这个已经在 RDO 正式发布了。同样,这个对于openstack quantum项目很重要。

And we’ve also got Open vSwitch. We added it in support of things like OpenStack. We’re looking at network namespace changes as well in support of OpenStack. VSwitch is a software switch that lets you use it as a virtual switch for virtual server environments. It forwards traffic between different VMs [virtual machines] on the physical host and also lets you forward traffic between VMs on the physical network. It’s tied to a bunch of different management interfaces, and it has programmatic extension and control through things likeOpenFlow. We put initial support in for 6.4, but we’re re-basing it and pulling it out as fully supported and adding the user space packages in 6.5.