Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4正式发布,部分支持Open vSwitch

RHEL 6.4正式发布了,顺应网络虚拟化的趋势,内核包含了 Openvswitch模块。但是遗憾的是,目前RedHat还没有自带用户空间程序,也就是不提供工具配置、启动OpenSwitch功能。说白了,目前Openvswitch这个功能还是聋子的耳朵,只能看看,除非你安装第三方的工具。

官方的文档说,只能和第三方的内含用户工具的应用配合。RHEL 6.4加入了对openstack(Folsom版本)的支持,但现在还不支持quatum,也即不支持Openvswitch。

What Red Hat products provide support for Open vSwitch?

Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, the Open vSwitch kernel module is included as an enabler for Red Hat’s layered product offerings. Open vSwitch is supported only in conjunction with those products containing the accompanying user space utilities. Please note without theses required user space utilities, Open vSwitch will not function and can not be enabled for use.

At the moment, Red Hat does not have any layered product offerings that provide support for Open vSwitch. However, Red Hat is actively evaluating the technology for inclusion in future layered product offerings.