Presenter: Anne Gentle, OpenStack Content Stacker at Rackspace,

zSession Goals:

Discuss criteria for priorities – audience? Reach based on web views? Others?

Describe the top three priorities for the timeframe of April 2012 to October 2012. Vote on these listed priorities:

1. Configuration information and reference architectures/scenarios for deployments, point out what

2. CLI documentation

3. Add Quantum to Compute guides

4. Move narrative docs from rst to main manuals

5. Redesign landing page based on personas

6. Genericize install docs for distros
Make it easy to report bug

Make it easy to find

Real deployment – config options

examples of different configurations!

keeping in mind the hardware arch and switch config required by those OpenStack configs

see “best practices” below

point out things that will change “at scale”

identify “deployers” as a key audience for the docs, differentiated from “admin”

Examples of how to interact with the API (go beyond JSON blobs)

Explain policy.json and how the defaults control which parts of the API are admin and which are not

Add Quantum to the compute guide

python clients (CLI)

best practices at virtualization layer and choices in images

“if you don’t know what you’re doing, do this”

make the installation docs more generic to include distros other than Ubuntu

need to identify key distros

persona-based landing page redesign

–how to find a source of truth

move narrative docs from rst to main manuals


Understand the breadth and depth of the sites used for documentation.

Should documentation keep up with milestone release points?
Description of all the sites used for various documentation processes:
Site Visitors per month (March-April 2012)

www 113,103

docs 95,907

wiki 58,367

swift 14,313

nova 13,885

api 2,666
__Admin guides__




– Compute Admin manual

– Object Storage Admin manual

– Supporting projects such as identity and image management are shared chapters inserted into each.

– Network connectivity (Quantum) Admin manual


Day-to-day administrators of OpenStack clouds (public and private)

How: Updated through the git/Gerrit review process.
__Install guides__


What: Compute Install/Deploy guide with identity, image management, dashboard as chapters.

How: Updated through the git/Gerrit review process.


What: Ubuntu release-based OpenStack Starter Guide for Natty (Cactus), Oneiric (Diablo), Precise (Essex) soon to be completed

How: Updated through bzr/Launchpad merge processes.


What: 12.04 Quick Start from Hastexo. It’s a great doc, but I think it could receive even more attention and updates if it were in the OpenStack docs umbrella, so I’m talking to the authors about submitting it.


Deployers of OpenStack clouds (public and private), proof-of-concept creators
__API info__



openstack-manuals contains:


– API Quick Start

– Compute API Programmer’s Guide


– OpenStack Compute extensions

Separate repos contain:

(pointed to from

– OpenStack Compute API Dev Guide

– OpenStack Object Storage API Dev Guide

– OpenStack Image API Dev Guide

– OpenStack Identity API Dev Guide

– OpenStack Quantum API Dev Guide

Note: In making this listing I realized that Melange has an API spec at Their latest commit says they make it so it builds to but I can’t find it on that site. Note sent to Dan and Troy.

Who: API programmers, Python developers

How: Updated through the git/Gerrit review process.


What: Release notes, project status and process information, very little how-to

Who: Contributors to the OpenStack projects
__Developer info__

__Main website__

Where: Silverstripe CMS with a few people with logins

What: and all pages in it

Who: People who want to learn about OpenStack, community members, company members
__Related websites__


Where: not sure, probably Silverstripe CMS with a few people with logins


Who: People who want to learn about OpenStack, community members, company members
__Third party blogs and websites__

Where: The Internet

What: How-to and conceptual information about OpenStack

Who: Bloggers

How: I tend to link to good how-to information from bloggers at Better curation methods would be great. I also contact bloggers directly and work with them to bring in CC licensed content to openstack-manuals.
__Planet Feeds__


What: Misc. blogs

Who: Bloggers

__OpenStack directory / Satellite__

Where: TBD (asked for

What: List of projects related to OpenStack

Who: developers, deployers

How: TBD



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